Thursday, April 17, 2008

Traveling and Technical Difficulties

I spent the last few weeks traveling around for business visiting both Kentucky and California. In California I was lucky enough to meet up with another SCDer and have some tea. We both agreed that it is amazing that when I work in California I am in the building across the street from her. We speculated on how many other people are right outside our doors who are also on the SCD and/or living with Crohn's.

While traveling I stuck to my usual routine of bringing my own staples (yogurt, stew, cookies, crackers) and then buying salads with grilled chicken/shrimp, hamburgers, grilled fish, steamed veggies, etc. I feel like I have this "domestic traveling with the SCD" thing down. Now my next challenges will be to travel internationally (I would love to go to Italy) or even to take another cruise. I have heard that other SCDers have enjoyed cruises with no problem so maybe that will be my next adventure.

Upon my return home I found that our computer was on the fritz. We had to completely re-image it and upload everything again. This, of course, was not fun but the good news is it seems to be back in business.

As of late we have been very busy at work so dinner has been a quick stir fry or something on the grill. As the weather continues to improve the grill becomes our best friend on weeknights. We are mindful of grilling on low to medium heat however, as I have read about some concerns with high heat and carcinogens. I suppose to be 100% healthy we should just be eating organic raw vegetables for the most part. Hmmm- I will leave that to the rabbits for now.

Today's Breakfast- Cinnamon Raisin Scone from the SCD Bakery
Lunch- Yogurt with fruit and honey
Dinner- Not sure - something with ground turkey probably

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Welcome home ... to Spring!