Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hello out there!

Over the course of the past two years, as the mother of twins, I have neglected countless responsibilities including social outings, a reasonable attempt at fashion, basic yard work, window treatments, staying up to date on current events, thoughtful gifts, and even in some dire cases, hygiene, but nothing comes close to the delinquency I've shown for the care and upkeep of this poor blog.

The shame of slowly watching the blog sink to the bottom of blogrolls, until it finally falls off all together, is just too much. I hate it when my favorite blogs are left alone, helpless, leashes tied to fire hydrants for months on end while I wonder what happened to their owners. A rare case of the measles? A miraculous cure? A sabbatical in Antarctica? A vow of poverty and silence?

But in all likelihood, if those folks are anything like myself, the most accurate excuse is that life happened to them.

Well, I can't promise more frequent posts but I can bring you up to speed on where we are today.

Still following the SCD close to 100%. Still in total drug free remission. Still feeling great! As it will be 5 successful years on the SCD this August, I do reward myself with 85% dark chocolate now and then. No, I don't eat a whole bar at a time or anything like that but I do incorporate little bits into my diet here and there. It is my only full-on cheat and I have not had the desire, or the bravery, to venture further off the SCD path than that. I would also not recommend anyone try this at home unless you too have years of remission behind your belt.

The twins are almost 2 and we are actually expecting a third child in about a month. GULP. Still working full time as well though not nearly as much travel. As you can imagine, I have little patience for people who tell me they don't have time to follow the SCD. Really?

I usually eat some type of SCD baked good for breakfast (though on the weekends we try and go out once in a while for eggs and bacon) I eat SCD yogurt almost daily. For lunch I either bring leftovers from dinner or grab a salad with some type of protein. I eat a lot of fruit. A LOT. For dinner we throw together stirfrys, basic protein and veggie, and my husband makes me the occasional pizza. Love peanut butter with apples, cheese, hard boiled eggs and veggies and dip for snacks. Today we are celebrating my sister's birthday and my mom made deviled eggs, broccoli salad, and steak tips - all SCD of course.

We don't have the time or energy to cook like we used to but in a few years I know I'll be back to experimenting and with the explosion of SCDish related websites that have cropped up over the last year or so, I'll have a lot to catch up on!

Oh, by the way, I was at a prenatal birthing class last week and the instructor asked whether anyone was experiencing heart burn. Every expecting mother raised her hand - except for me. My husband leaned over and said "I know it is due to your diet." No sooner had he said this than the instructor mentioned that a known remedy is eating almonds. WOW. I eat almonds almost every day in the SCD baked goods. Can't be coincidence.

Well folks, I hope you are having as much fun and success with the SCD as I am. I cannot believe what an easy remedy it is for Crohn's disease and I am even more fascinated with the fact that many folks with Crohn's don't give it a try. For me it is a no-brainer and I remain forever grateful to Elaine and all of the folks that paved the way for us to have it so easy in 2011.

Now if only there was an equally efficient and effective remedy for the terrible twos.