Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cat Nap Blogging

Just a quick check-in while the babies are taking a cat nap.  So having premie infant twins must be the ultimate SCD challenge but I am still going strong.  Sometimes lunch is a piece of cheese and some almonds but I am sure that is no different than other non-SCD new moms!

Today I am trying Slow Cooker African Peanut Chicken.  It smells WONDERFUL and if it tastes just as good then I will post the recipe!

The "convenience" foods that I reach for these days includes:

- dried organic mango (my FAVORITE)
- Peanut butter and apples
- Apples and cheese
- SCD cheddar crackers with guacamole or salsa
- Cheddar cheese sticks
- Pineapple, bananas, etc
- Peanut butter Larabars (there is some dispute over whether these are legal but they work for me)

Opps- one of the twins is up... I will get back to you on that slow cooker recipe!  

Until then...

Happy SCDing