Saturday, December 1, 2007

SCD Entertaining

I am a proud member of a small but very fun book club and this month it was my turn to pick the book. I chose In The Woods by Tana French. We met at my house last Thursday after work for some dinner and discussion. It was a crazy week at work but I still had time to prepare a nice simple menu. We started out with an appetizer tray of olives, Gouda cheese, and Kalamata crackers for them (SCD garlic and Parmesan crackers for me). For dinner I served one of my favorite dishes which is a pounded out chicken cutlet stuffed with Gruyere cheese, prosciutto (with only salt added), and sage leaves. The chicken is rolled and secured with toothpicks and then simmered in a tomato wine sauce. Along with that I served steamed asparagus. I had meant to pick up some spaghetti for my non SCD friends and I completely forgot. That said, they didn't seem to miss their starchy companion too much and I had some nice little desserts that I bought at Whole Foods (non SCD) for later. While they were enjoying these treats I had some of my cinnamon, pecan cookies from Lucy's Cookbook.

Yesterday's Menu

Breakfast- SCD yogurt with banana and honey
Lunch- leftover cheese and SCD crackers, pineapple slices and a pear
Dinner- Delicious salad made of spinach, red onions (cut very thin), blue cheese (just a little), and pears all tossed with olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper along with some roasted chicken and avocado slices.

PICTURE- Pear Salad


Anonymous said...

So how was In the Woods?

The Adventure Begins.... said...

Well I really liked it. I think she is going to make it into a series. I know she has another one coming out in the spring. Some people were less than thrilled with the ending but I thought all and all it was a great book.