Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More SCD Inspiration!

Have you all seen this SCD website? It is absolutely fabulous! Full of useful information, tips and FAQs on the SCD and great for newbies in particular. It also contains lots of recipes for delicious SCD meals with pictures to go along with them. In addition there are even comprehensive weekly meal plans.

Erin, the author, shares her own story about using SCD to manage Crohn's disease. She has been on the diet for about six years and is still doing well. She is truly an SCD inspiration and I hope you all find this site as informative and fun as I do. Thanks Erin!

Breakfast- SCD organic yogurt with strawberries and honey
Lunch- Mexican Meatballs
Dinner- Creamy pumpkin and squash soup
Snack- Cinnamon cookies with raisins and pecans from Lucy's Kitchen cookbook

PICTURE- Creamy Pumpkin and Squash soup

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Amy McKenna said...

That's a great website--thanks for the tip!