Monday, November 26, 2007

It's So Relaxing to be Back at Work

I cannot believe I am saying this but after all of the craziness of the past few days it was so relaxing to be back at work today. Now talk to me in a few days and I am sure I will be crying a different tune but for now I am enjoying my new found gratitude.

Breakfast- SCD yogurt with strawberries and honey
Lunch- More Mexican Meatballs
Dinner- Beth & Amy's Taco Salad Extravaganza (when is that cookbook coming guys!)

PICTURE- Dinner!

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Beth said...

Hopefully a cookbook is in the works for sometime in 2008. But since I work at a turtle pace by design, the best I can do is promise to do the best I can do. As always, "There's no hurry." Lot's of ideas in the works though... I'd live to figure out how to bake a really good pound cake. I've found most of the SCD cakes to be too grainy/mushy. Oh, and my gravy recipe could use some improvement.