Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Tomato Too Many

I thought I had an apple problem but now I am overrun with tomatoes. My mom brought over some short squat ones from her garden and I had also purchased some plumb tomatoes to make into a BBQ sauce from the Healing foods cookbook.

But all dreams of tomatoes went out the window when I decided to go back on the intro diet. There are definitely no tomatoes to be had now. Just like my apples they sat neglected in my kitchen. So I decided to make a nice thick tomato sauce and simmer it down for a few hours. When it is done I will freeze it to enjoy once I am back in the saddle.

Breakfast- SCD Cheesecake
Lunch- Chicken broth
dinner- Roasted chicken

Lots of diluted grape juice in between.

PICTURE- All of The Lovely Tomatoes


Amy McKenna said...

Hey, Jill, maybe you could make apple sauce with all those apples, since that's a cooked fruit product without skins. I'll bet once your gut is feeling better in a few days, you could introduce that for a tasty treat.

Meg said...

Lots of good thoughts. Feel better. I'm in the hospital now and also in the stage of dreaming about and planning for eating, but not actually getting to enjoy the fall harvest. I hope you feel better soon.

The Adventure Begins.... said...

Meg- I spent over 50 days in the hospital in 2006 so I know how you feel a bit. It is NO FUN at all. Just know though that we are thinking of you and sending you positive thoughts and good vibes. I know you will get out of there soon. As you know, I have been having a bumpy ride this week. I found out it is not unusual to have a set-back at the 1 year mark. All has been quite in the plumbing department today. No activity at all good or bad. Hopefully tomorrow will bring restored order and cooperation!