Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Different Dessert

Well, I came home from work tonight and made dessert all right but it wasn't the nice cinnamon Apple Galette that I was hoping for. Instead I found myself baking the SCD cheesecake from the intro diet which means sans the lemon, pineapple, and crust.
Why the change in plans you ask? Especially with so many shiny apples lying around? Well I am disappointed to report that the old plumbing department has not been functioning on a satisfactory level. As a matter of fact, it is in need of an immediate action plan and to that end I am back on the intro diet.
Why this sudden set-back you might ask? I know I did. Was it the trip to San Diego and the hamburger consumed during the layover at the airport restaurant (though I did grill the waitress- pun intended)? Was it the beginning of a new quarter stress at work? The lack of sleep over the past few days due to a severe case of jet lag? Who really knows and that's not the important question right now. The question at hand is what to do about it.
So I spent the evening drinking lots of chicken broth, purchasing ground meat for broiled patties, hard boiling some eggs, and yes... baking the closest thing to a dessert that is allowed, the cheesecake.

That is basically the extent of the menu while on the intro diet. No fruit, vegetables, nuts, spices, etc. You follow the intro for three to five days and pray, hope, wish, dream, covet, and positive think your way back into health or else you call your doctor and negotiate the dreaded "plan B."

The good news is that even if plan B does go into effect, the general consensus from the SCD crowd is that staying on strict SCD makes it more likely that any set-backs will be for a shorter duration and less...unpleasant.

But enough of that for now. This week it is time to batton down the hatches.
Breakfast - (pre-intro) Organic smoothie with SCD yogurt, blueberries, honey, and vanilla
Lunch- Uhhh not much to report here
Dinner- A delicious, nutritious, mouth watering, delectable feast of......Chicken broth

PICTURE- Dessert


docspencer said...

Sorry to hear that you are feeling not so good in the tummy-dept. I hope that going back to square one will do the trick for you. You are in my best and most happy thoughts.


Amy McKenna said...

Oh, you must be frustrated! I'm so sorry that you are feeling crappy. It's great that you are listening to your body and starting anew, as hard as that may be. I haven't needed to go back to the intro diet as of yet, but it will be nice to know how it goes for you in case I need to someday. I'm guessing once Cassidy is born and my hormones start flip-flopping, I may need to give my gut a break for while. Hopefully there are no plan B's in the future for either of us! I'll be thinking about you, my friend!

The Adventure Begins.... said...

Thanks Guys- Amy I have a good feeling that all will be well for you even after the hormones start shifting. Thanks for the idea about the apple sauce. My nice hubby is making me some tonight.