Friday, October 12, 2007

The Prospect of Pumpkin Pie

After a few days of meals that are way too depressing to post, I have decided that I am going to make an SCD pumpkin pie tomorrow. I have lots of pureed pumpkin in the freezer and I imagine that pumpkin pie filling may be a "reasonable" next step.

I try not to get too graphic on this site as it does focus on food and all but this IS an SCD related blog and I AM on the diet for Crohn's so I figure anyone reading this can handle the details (stop reading here if you can't).

So as I mentioned earlier, starting a week ago yesterday when I arrived home from San Diego, I have been having questionable experiences in the plumbing department. At first it was like, "Hmmm that doesn't seem so cool" and slowly over this week it turned into..."Uh oh."
Now the "Uh oh's" have only been occurring once a day (on average) so that is good. No other symptoms either. I have energy, feel fine at work, no cramping, fever, nada. It is just that, like I said, the plumbing department seems to be slacking off BIG time in terms of finishing the job right aka digesting food and absorbing fluids (there is the detail that I was talking about).

So I have been taking it easy since Tuesday afternoon. I called my Dr today just so that I have an appointment booked in case it comes to that. I had a burger last night which was fine and a banana today which gave me slight indigestion but that was about it.

Tonight my husband is making me another burger and I am going to try some cooked carrots. If all goes well then maybe some homemade apple sauce.

I'll tell you, being on this intro diet and starting all over REALLY makes me grateful for all of the foods I have enjoyed on the SCD. After several days of chicken soup, ground beef and DCCC I am in awe of all of the wonderful meals I have prepared over the past year.

The good thing about this little set-back is that once I go back on the "big kid's" version of the SCD it will be like entering the land of plenty.


Like I said, too depressing to report. Focusing on the prospect of pumpkin pie

PICTURE- Tomorrow's brunch!

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Amy McKenna said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better, Jill! It's great that you are getting back to healthy after just a couple days on the basic diet. Good luck with the carrots and the pumpkin pie!