Sunday, October 14, 2007

Everybody, FREEZE!

Things seemed to have turned a corner this weekend and the Plumbing Department is showing much improvement. All and all I would give it about a B+.
Saturday night my husband, sister, and I went to a comedy show which focused on women in comedy. I have heard of people laughing themselves to recovery and I am hoping this was the case for me. All and all things are still not as, let's say, "solid" as I would like to see them but the situation is "firming up a bit." - OK, that was bad. I know. That's why I was in the audience this weekend and not on the stage.

Not 100% sure if I have completely recovered or even what, exactly, is going on. Could be lots of things:
  • Jet lag? Check. My friend Beth emailed me an interesting article on jet lag which can cause D.
  • Missing Ileocecal valve? Check. I also remembered a conversation with my GI about a year ago when she warned me that Small Bowel Bacteria Overgrowth is one side effect of having your ileocecal valve removed (which I had the pleasure of experiencing in August 2006. Gives new meaning to the old essay topic "What I did Last Summer"). Symptoms? You guess it.
  • Possibility of ingesting illegals? Check. In San Diego I definitely ate a few things that were questionable. For instance, I asked whether the steak I had for dinner had any seasoning on it and I am not sure I got a straight answer but hunger (there was nothing legal at lunch so I skipped it all together) and arrogance (Hey! I was doing fabulous for over a year) lead me to take a risk
  • Stress? Check. Quarter end and beginning are always crazy for me.

So whatever the original culprit I was feeling pretty darn healthy this weekend. I even took my 9 year old niece, 20 month old niece, and the 11 and 8 year old neighbors all out to the playground and to pick out pumpkins. I think this week if all continues to go well I will experiment with a little pumpkin soup.

Speaking of pumpkins, one thing I did this weekend was to reorganize my freezer (what an exciting life). In case any of you SCDers are just sitting around wondering what's in my freezer here is the big reveal:

  • Pureed pumpkin (tis the season)
  • Homemade chicken broth (freeze some in ice cube trays and then pop into a plastic freezer bag)
  • Chicken bones (for more soup some day)
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Pork roast
  • Bananas for smoothies
  • Sharon J's homemade ketchup
  • Green beans
  • Peas and carrots (usually for Shepherd's Pie)
  • Peas (for stews)
  • Cranberries (for the cranberry pork roast from
  • Blueberries
  • Cherries
  • Strawberries
  • SCD Cinnamon Bread (for cinnamon toast)
  • SCD Garlic Parmesan Bread (for crackers)
  • Flat bread from the SCD Bakery (for paninis)
  • Parmesan rolls (for tuna melts and bread crumbs)
  • Basil
  • Ginger
  • The insert for my ice cream maker : )

Breakfast- Pumpkin Pie

Lunch- Roasted chicken, butternut squash, green beans (all leftover from last night)

Dinner- Vegetable Pot Roast with mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes, garlic rosemary, & thyme.

Throughout the day I have been drinking lots of apple cider diluted with water and eating yogurt with bananas. Trying to gain back some of the weight I lost this week



NuttyMeatfruit said...

LOL Love the euphemism :) Good news!

Anonymous said...

You eat corn? (Peas and corn for shepherd's pie.)

The Adventure Begins.... said...

YIKES! Good catch. I meant peas and carrots not peas and corn. Have not had any corn since starting SCD over a year ago. I will fix that! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hello, me, anonymous here. I was thinking you were brave to eat corn! Too lazy to sign in to Google. My name is Wendy. My husband has Crohn's. He's been SCD for a year. I found Amy's SCD blog, and she was kind enough to point me to a few more. I'm in a constant state of hurry, so I'll catch you later.