Monday, October 15, 2007

Cookbook Cravings

Have I mentioned that I absolutely adore reading about cooking? It's true. I have this insatiable craving for cookbooks, cooking shows, food magazines, culinary blogs, and best of all, SCD recipes. I am not kidding when I say that there have been many nights that I go to bed excited to curl up with a good book.... a cookbook that is. As you all know, my meals are fairly simple. I just don't have the time to cook as much as I would like. But even if I did, I seriously believe that my appetite for reading about cooking is in fact more intense than my desire to actually cook. It just seems strange to me. A little over the top.
Perhaps you might believe this is a psychological side effect for having gone for 30 days being fed only intravenously. I began my college career minoring in psychology so this would make sense to me as well however, the fact is that this behavior has been going on for quite some time now. It commenced way before I was even diagnosed with Crohn's disease, back when I thought a "pic line" was slang for those who picket.
Well, you might say, maybe she didn't have enough food growing up. After all, we already know that her grandparents fed her spaghetti with ketchup. True, true. I did enjoy my sugary tomato pasta but we had lots of food growing up and I don't remember any of my family having this obsession (although my grandmother was compulsive about having a freezer full of food, even if the meat was several years old. Maybe this is a hybrid of that original ancestral obsession that has now morphed into the desire to have a brain full of recipes).

I knew I went over the edge when I started a book club with one of my friends (it is just her, her husband, and myself by the way) and I was late, late, late, I mean REALLY late finishing the book partly due to the fact that it arrived at the same time as the new Healing Foods SCD cook book which I had to read 100 times. I know, I know. There are much worse things that I could be addicted to. Right now the worst consequences of my obsession are the reams of paper I go through printing off recipes from and also the fact that I hog up all of the DVR space with my taped cooking shows (about 5 a day). Other than that I think it is fairly harmless. Now I have to go so that I can read Lucy's Cookbook in case I missed anything during the first 500 reads.

Breakfast- SCD Smoothie with blueberries, banana, honey and vanilla
Lunch- Leftover pot roast with veggies (even better the next day)
Dinner- More pot roast with veggies
Snack- Pumpkin Pie

Picture- My Stash

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