Sunday, October 7, 2007

Church, Chores, and Chicken Croquettes

This afternoon my mom, husband, and I traveled north of Boston to my sister's brother-in-law's son's Christening. Believe me, it sounds more complicated than it is. The few sound bites of the sermon that I was able to catch were very interesting though I must admit I spent much of the time chasing my toddler of a niece around the church. She clapped and yelled a loud "YEAH" after every prayer and hymn. It sort of livened up the place. When she was on the verge of a melt down (the ceremony was an hour and a half) we walked to the back of the church and played "cats & dogs." A tip for those of you who find yourself in a similar circumstance, this seemed to be a very popular toddler game.
Afterwards we went back to their house to visit family and have lunch. The majority of the cuisine was made up of delicious smelling catered Italian dishes like eggplant and chicken Parmesan, sausages, peppers and onions, and other tasty treats which were all about looking but not touching for me.

However, all of the sights and smells were inspiring and upon our return home I decided to attempt one of the recipes from the newest SCD cookbook entitled Healing Foods, Cooking for Celiacs, Colitis, Crohn's, and IBS.

Tonight my challenges was the Chicken and Cauliflower Croquettes. These savory little morsels are much like chicken nuggets but without all of the additives, starch, fat, etc. The recipe is somewhat involved i.e. it calls for the use of multiple pans and a food processor, but I was able to prep the ingredients fairly easily and cleaned as I went.

All and all it was a smooth ride until the actual frying of the first batch. I committed the cardinal culinary sin of trying to move the croquettes before they had formed a golden crust. As such they soon began falling apart all over the place.

I decided that for batch two I would call on my secret weapon... my patient and talented husband. Now it's not so easy pulling him away from Sunday night football but I think he heard all of the clinks and clanks in the kitchen and knew something was up.

I am glad to report that the second batch came out much better. We refrigerated the croquettes until the pan was ready. Once we added them we did not touch them for about 3 minutes. Then we delicately flipped them and browned the other side for about three more minutes. At the end I enjoyed some of them with Sharon J's ketchup. The rest are coming to work with me tomorrow along with some fresh spinach.

Breakfast- Organic smoothie with SCD yogurt, frozen raspberries, banana, honey, and vanilla
Lunch- Some SCD crackers and a banana that I brought to the christening along with provolone cheese, roast beef, and salad that I enjoyed at the after party
Dinner- Chicken croquettes with Sharon J's ketchup

PICTURE- Chicken croquettes

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