Saturday, October 6, 2007

Survey Said!

I'm back from sunny San Diego but I must say that I think it has been warmer and sunnier in Massachusetts over the past few days than in southern California.

Upon my return I noticed that the first survey posted on this site has closed. It was the one that asked whether readers follow the SCD. We received 32 votes as follows:
27 (84%) are on the SCD
1 (3%) has follwed the diet in the past
3 (9%) plan to start soon
1 (3%) does not follow it (that was my 9 year old niece!)

The second survey, which I closed early, was about the types of supplements people take. Twelve people responded and the results are as follows:
5 (41%) take a multi vitamin
6 (50%) take vitamin B
9 (75%) take fish oil/omega 3
3 (25%) take probiotics (a lot of us also get this through our yogurt I bet)
4 (33%) take vitamin D

My next survey will be on why people follow the SCD. In my case it is for Crohn's disease but in being on the SCD Listservs I noticed that people follow the diet for a host of other reasons. My friend who has MS also follows a diet very similar to SCD though a bit more restrictive.

I have had some problems responding to your comments in the applicable comments section so I am going to respond in the posts until I get that sorted out.

Nutty meatfruit- I am so glad you like the site. I have been following yours as well and really enjoy all of the recipes!

Denise- The diet can be overwhelming at first but rest assured that I have been on it for a little over a year now and it becomes second nature. Really. As you can see, I even fly all over the place on business while following the diet. I had a lot of help and great advice from the people on the listserves so if you are not already on them you should look into that. I truly love all of the SCD cookbooks but I just received the one by Sandra Ramacher called Healing Foods Cooking for Celiacs, Colitis, Crohn's and IBS. It is WONDERFUL and I cannot stop reading it and looking at the great pictures.

Amy- Hi There! Can I tell you again how delicious your pumpkin muffins are? I just bought a few more pumpkins and am going to make these babies tomorrow. They are my favorite muffin so far. My husband is the one who cooked that pork tenderloin and it WAS great. He seasoned it with salt and pepper, seared it on the stove, and then grilled it until it was done (maybe about 25 minutes but use a meat thermometer)

Thanks to all of you for your support!

Breakfast- Organic smoothie with frozen bananas, frozen blueberries, SCD yogurt, honey, and vanilla
Lunch- Instead of tomato, basil, mozzarella (which is NOT SCD legal) I had tomato, basil, avocado. Wow was it good. I seasoned them with salt and poured a little olive oil and vinegar over them. I enjoyed them along with some roasted chicken.
Dinner- A quick spinach and cheese omelet. We are heading out to a wedding where I doubt I will find legal food!


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