Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Wicked Good Weekend

The word wicked is defined in the Urban Dictionary as a New England slang that adds emphasis. I am a true New Englander in that I do use wicked quite a bit and I find it a very appropriate word to describe my cool weekend.

On Friday night I met one of my old friends and her husband at the Providence Oyster Bar in Providence, RI. My friend was actually the first person I met when I moved to a new high school my freshman year. She took me under her wing for a while and even got me my first job but sooner or later we drifted apart. In our mid twenties we roomed together in a great apartment on Beacon Hill in Boston. She was one of the best roommates I ever had but then, well, when I moved out we drifted apart.

Until Friday I had not seen her in about six years. Funny how time flies. It was great to meet her husband and catch-up. We are both married now and she has a toddler. The food at the Oyster Bar was top notch. I had scallops wrapped in bacon as an appetizer and grilled swordfish with asparagus. My husband and I reserved a hotel in the city using my points and all and all it was a great night.

On Saturday we met some family members in Boston to see the musical Wicked. It was certainly a great production and I hope to see it again some day. Before the theatre we went to Vinalia. I had a little problem with my dinner at first in that it came with pasta (even after I gave the waitress my "can eat" "can't eat" SCD food card). I was going to eat around the pasta but my husband clarified my diet and the waitress took it back. I ultimately enjoyed a delicious meal of shrimp, mussels, and white fish with tomato, garlic, and wine.

Today was pretty much a perfect day. I woke up without an alarm clock, watched my recorded cooking shows while catching up on laundry, did my grocery shopping (and a little more fall clothes shopping), came home and made a carrot/sage beef stew (from Grainfree Gourmet), cinnamon pecan cookies (from Lucy's SCD Cookbook), and yogurt for this week.
Then I took a walk with my 94 year old next door neighbor while she told me stories of growing up in the 1920's and 30's.
Wicked cool.

Breakfast- Cinnamon muffin and banana bread (from SCD Bakery)
Lunch- Organic SCD yogurt with blueberries and honey
Dinner- Carrot & sage beef stew (from Grainfree Gourmet)
Snacks Throughout the Day- Peanut granola chews (from SCD Bakery), Gruyere cheese, coconut macaroons

PICTURE- Cinnamon pecan cookies (better than any candle or air freshener around)

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Meg said...


Please tell me more about the "can eat" "can't eat" cards that you take to restaurants with you. That sounds very helpful. I always get befuddled trying to explain my restrictions.