Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Food Wafers

Today I wanted to share this great narrative from Sharon J of the SCDrecipe_creators listserv. After being on SCD for one year it really rings true to me....

"So, I've been having this surreal experience while grocery shopping lately. It's as if I've been transported to the future where everyone around me has been sadly deceived by the food industry. Quite happily, they eat their little food wafers.

I try to explain to them what real food tastes like, but no one seems interested. As I try to explain, they ask, 'Why would anyone want to go through all that work?" and "Who has the time?"

They all seem quite happy eating their processed food wafers. With the wide variety of tastes and textures available, no one gets tired of them. One lady even commented, "Why go through all the work to eat a potato which will spoil, when you can just have an potato wafer, which doesn't?"

They are so blind to the great food scam that has been so carefully constructed. Everyone I see has some sort of health problem. I try to convince them that maybe it's something lacking in their diet, but they assure me that the wafers have all the nutrients they need . Once in a blue moon, I find someone else who thinks as I do, but finding real food to eat is a challenge. Even at those specialty shops, a lot of the food is not as it seems. The produce and meat often have substances sprayed on them or injected into them to make them look better and last longer. The water they drink isn't just water anymore, either. It's improved (or so they claim).

Tired of struggling so hard just to survive, I began wishing for home but then I realize that I am home. Although we have more available than just wafers, I still see people buying potato chips, pizza flavored chips, Chik'n... and the like. I still can't trust my water or my food. People still don't want to discuss their heath in relationship to food. I guess the future isn't too far off." - Sharon J

Breakfast - Organic SCD yogurt with bananas

Lunch- Leftovers from last night's dinner along with a banana muffin

Dinner- Natural pork ribs with spices, roasted butternut squash with butter and sage, apple sauce

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