Sunday, September 30, 2007

Gratitude Dance

Tomorrow morning I leave on business to California until Thursday night. There is just so much involved with traveling including getting the house ready, squaring away finances, packing clothes, food (when on SCD), and in my case, trying to figure out how to get to Boston Logan airport during Monday morning rush hour. Needless to say this little trip was starting to get me down. Then I received Dr Mercola's health newsletter with this video of the Gratitude Dance.

This is more than a little dance. It is a reminder to be grateful for all of those things that you DO have. In the case of my travel this week, here are the things that I thought of while gratitude dancing around the house packing my suitcase:

1. I have a job
2. I have clothes to pack
3. I feel great
4. I have a wonderful husband and family to come home to
5. I have a special diet to keep me healthy while I am away
6. I have a friend who lives in Cambridge and is going to let me camp out at his house tonight so I am closer to the airport tomorrow morning.

See you all in a week and don't forget to do your own little gratitude Dance.
Brunch- Nibbling on things all day while packing including bites of Lucy's Parmesian Garlic crackers, Amy's Pumpkin muffins (These muffins are truly out of this world. I roasted a whole pumpkin and then puree it in the food processor so it was a little more of a "project" for me but oh so worth it), Mom's Banana muffins (Thanks Mom!), hard boiled eggs, yogurt with fruit, etc.
PICTURE- Getting Lucy's Parmesian Garlic crackers ready for baking. I will enjoy them on the plane with Havarti cheese


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your website and laughed about your mother saving rotten bannanas for you, she sounds sweet. I needed the graditude dance this morning as I was feeling sorry for myself over a bad realationship. With all the food you eat, you must be about 200 lbs. How about a current picture.

flosslady said...

Hey Jill Great Job,
I had to take the day off today because Ashley is still not feeling well. I decided to hop on your web to see what was new, and ended up doing the gratitude dance!

Denise said...

I just found your blog today and it's been so inspiring to read! We're just starting the diet and I'm feeling just a little bit overwhelmed. Seeing your daily menus has helped a lot.
Do you have any cookbooks that you'd recomomend over others?

Raisa said...

Interesting to know.