Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Sister's Birthday

Today is my sister's 19th birthday. It is a family tradition that we go to a Japanese steak house a few towns over. It is fun to watch them cook the food in front of us and it is most certainly her favorite place. Today she called me concerned that I would not be able to find anything that is SCD legal. She wanted to see if we should go to another restaurant. I thought it was very sweet. However, I think I will be fine. I am going to ask that they cook my meal in the kitchen on a clean pan with some olive oil, garlic, and veggies. No seasonings. No additives.

It is not always easy dining out but it is usually doable as long as you are not shy and insist on certain things. I feel so grateful that I have this diet, a wonderful family, and a sweet sister who is turning 19.

Breakfast- Organic yogurt with bananas and honey
Lunch- Roasted chicken with carrots and zucchini
Dinner- Stir fry of beef, asparagus, portabella & shitake mushrooms with garlic

PICTURE- The (middle) my sisters and my niece

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