Friday, September 14, 2007

Thumbs Up for Family Time, Thumbs Down for Food

Well..... the birthday party was fun for sure but the Japanese steak house "adventure" was a bust. I think there were a few reasons for this:

1. The place was busy
2. There was a little language barrier
3. I really was not as specific or demanding as I should/could have been
4. My heart wasn't into drilling the chef/waitress
5. I just wasn't that hungry anyhow

Therefore, of my steak, scallop, shrimp, and veggie dinner I ate about 3 small bites of steak (which I deemed to be the most safe). The dinner was cooked on the same grill as everyone's fried rice and I was concerned about cross-contamination. I also asked them to use nothing but a small amount of oil on my food and I saw them put some "butter" on as well. Now maybe it was butter but maybe not. It could have been anything.

As such I wrapped the whole thing up to go for my husband, had a nice time with my family, enjoyed a glass of dry wine, and ate 2 delicious peanut butter and jelly cookies from the SCD Bakery when I got home.

Breakfast - Organic yogurt smoothie with bananas, raspberries, vanilla, and honey
Lunch- Leftover beef, mushrooms, and asparagus from last night
Dinner- Fun with family

Picture- Flowers at my mom's pool

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docspencer said...

I sure hope you get to the point of wellness where your system can tolerate a little bit of cross contamination. But then again, I don't have Crohn's, just "terminal" gas, and I'm okay if I have to scrape the breading off the chicken (at a recent family reunion) and pick the croutons off my salad if the waitress forgets to leave them off. I admire your spunk, tenacity, and ability to roll with the punches. Speaking of language barriers, the Celiac's have a card that lists their dietary restrictions in various languages so as to communicate with non-English speaking chefs. We SCDers need a similar card. Who wants to work on it? Beth