Friday, September 28, 2007

Fickle, Fickle Fall

It is fall in New England. It was over 80 degrees today. I wore a tank top. It was pitch black out by 6:30pm. It feels like 90 degrees right now. I have pumpkins and gourdes decorating my table. My fireplace is eager to contribute. But we still haven't removed our air conditioners. We sleep with the windows opened. Do we burn the lilac candles or the spiced cider? Do we eat apple pie or the last of the berries?
My mother closed her pool yesterday. Now it looks like a big blue trampoline. There are leaves and acorns on the ground in her yard. I saw a bunch of birds flying south in a V. Nobody has spotted a humming bird in weeks. School is in session and football games have begun.

I want to start cooking autumn meals but the grill is still my best friend.

It is fall in New England.

Breakfast- Organic SCD banana smoothie with vanilla and honey
Lunch- Burger with spinach salad and tomato
Dinner- Burgers (yes twice) with avocado and tomato and a side of zucchini

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