Friday, August 31, 2007


So my favorite new snack these days is Papa Lenas Beet Chips . I don't think these chips are officially SCD legal (yet) as I do not have the exact ingredients written on company letter head however, I DID speak to the co-owner Mama Lena and she assured me that the ONLY ingredients are beets, salt, and olive oil. The chips are baked in a confection oven and are, in my opinion, WAY better and healthier than regular chips.

Breakfast- Organic SCD yogurt with peaches & honey

Lunch- Chicken "noodle" soup (the noodles are made from sliced egg crepes)

Dinner- Turkey burger with spinach, spices, and feta (only permitted after being on the diet for 6 months with no symptoms)
UPDATE- I did receive a letter from the company stating that the only ingredients are beets, salt, and olive oil but I do take it easy on these as they are so good it makes it really easy to eat too many beets in one serving.

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