Thursday, August 30, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I am back from Kentucky and very happy to report that I FINALLY cracked the mystery of how to travel with SCD yogurt!
For all of you scders out there you know this is big news. I have tried to bring the yogurt in my carry on (and had it thrown out by TSA) and even shipped my yogurt maker and starter ahead of me on vacation. However, this time I was staying in a hotel room with no access to a stove and I was scrambling to figure out what to do. Well thanks to a few great guys and gals on the LI listserv I finally figured it out and all went well. So here's the deal...

On Monday morning I packed yogurt in a 4.7 cup leak-proof Snapware container. I placed the container in a large plastic freezer bag and then placed it in a small fridge-to-go cooler along with a microban lunch sized freezer pak. The cooler has a built-in freezer pak but I included the additional one just in case.
So I packed my yogurt in one cooler and then I did the same thing in another cooler but with SCD beef stew. I had enough yogurt and stew for four days and I had no problem checking them in my small suitcase. When I got to my hotel 5 hours later they were still extremely cold.

This really made a huge difference for me during my business trip. I had yogurt with fruit and honey in the morning and sometimes an egg or two at the hotel. For lunch I ate a small salad (as there was not much more to be had) and then when I got back to my hotel room I ate my yummy beef stew. For dinner I had business meetings and ate out each night. I had a hamburger or plain steak and veggies but I wasn't really that hungry because of my late lunch of beef stew.

On the airplane I brought on SCD simple crackers made out of the SCD break from BTVC and ate that with Gouda cheese for a snack. I also brought on apples and SCD peanut butter (in a 2.5 oz container). I used an old baby food container to keep my peanut butter in as I couldn't find any other 3 oz containers. I also brought on some SCD donuts from the scdbakery.

All and all it was a great trip and I think the guy who sat next to me on the plane was a bit jealous of my great food! Tonight I did not have time to cook as I didn't get in until about 7:30pm. I ate scrod, shrimp, and plain veggies with butter from a nice restaurant down the road from me.


Wizop Marilyn L. said...

Enjoying your adventures. However, did you know you can declare (separate from your quart bag) necessary food items?

states that "However, if the liquid medications are in volumes larger than 3 ozs each, they may not be placed in the quart-size bag and must be declared to the Transportation Security Officer. A declaration can be made verbally, in writing, or by a person's companion, caregiver, interpreter, or family member. Declared liquid medications and other liquids for disabilities and medical conditions must be kept separate from all other property submitted for x-ray screening."

Of course, it's a trifle hard to find on the TSA website, so whether you have a TSA representative who actually knows what the requirements are could be debatable.

So What's the Story? said...

Wow- Marilyn I thought I had read that website through and through and I did not see that. You know, I am going to be traveling across country to California in a few weeks and I think I will give both methods a try. I will pack my yogurt and also try to bring it on-board with a doctor's note. If that does not fly with them (pun intended) then I will have my packed yogurt anyhow. Thanks for the tip and I cannot WAIT for your cook book.

Wizop Marilyn L. said...

I'm going to be testing it myself on a flight to Vancouver for the Surrey International Writers Conference, sometime in in mid to late October. I've flown since 9/11 and not had trouble with taking my food on board so long as I handed the bag to them and stated that I have severe food allergies, and this contains what I am able to eat. We then fiddle around with them doing chemical analyses to be sure I'm not smuggling something, and about the time my knees start to protest from standing, they let me zip it up and go. However, I have not flown since last summer's debacle. But I do have a letter on TSA forms which states that I am allowed to bring my food on board so long as it's declared. We'll see.

[grin] Know what? I can't wait for my cook book, either! Then I'll have all the recipes in one place, instead of desperately trying to remember what I threw together for that scrumptious dinner last Thursday!