Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Yogurtless in Kentucky

So... I am traveling to Kentucky next week for business and anyone who follows the SCD knows what this means in terms of planning meals. I am all set for lunch (salads with olive oil) and dinner (plain steak or fish seasoned with salt and pepper and a streamed veggie) and I am going to bring lots of fruits, muffins, and nuts.

However, the one issue that no SCDer (that I am aware of) has been able to solve is what to do about our beloved yogurt!

Due to the new TSA regulations most liquids are not allowed on planes. The only exception is that you can bring liquids in 3oz containers as long as they fit in a quart size plastic bag. I called three major stores in my area (Massachusetts) and none of them carry these containers. I ended up buying baby food in 2.5oz containers and my plan was to empty them out and refill them with my yogurt. (Don't worry- I have a baby niece that would be happy to help me empty them!)

I thought I had FINALLY solved the problem of this common SCD issue until I got home and realized that you can only bring ONE quart size plastic bag on board. What's the use?

Breakfast- Yummy organic strawberry and banana smoothie with honey and vanilla
Lunch- An apple with SCD peanut butter (hey- what can I say? It was a crazy day at work)
Dinner- Baked organic pork chops with steamed haricorts verts and SCD apple sauce

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