Monday, August 20, 2007

Here I go

Today I told my SCD friend Jill about the delicious meatball panini with melted havarti cheese that my husband made from the flat bread that I purchased from her SCD bakery. She suggested that I share my menu ideas with others. Though one of my favorite past times is watching cooking shows and adapting their recipes to be SCD compliant, I am by no stretch of the imagination a culinary talent. I actually work and commute over 50 hours a week so the time that I spend in the kitchen is minimal but I thought "what the heck - I can give it a try."

Last August when I was hospitalized for 30 days due to Crohn's disease I absolutely devoured Mike Simmons FLOG and I was very depressed when the entries became more and more sparse (who can blame the guy- he wrote about his diet routinely for over four years). So, I guess as an intermediate SCDer with close to 1 year under my belt, I too can give it a whirl.

Breakfast - Organic blueberry & banana smoothie with organic honey, yogurt, and vanilla
Lunch- Chicken soup and a veggie salad with oil and vinegar
Dinner- Baked wild salmon with Dill and organic baby carrots with butter

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