Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Successful SCD and STILL an Ileostomy?

Yes folks, you read correctly. I am approaching my 4th year on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet which has allowed me to live med-free and in 100% remission from Crohn's Disease.

Regardless of my digestive successes, the universe decided to make things interesting by lining up two major resection surgeries including a temporary ileostomy.

What?!? Resections and an ileostomy while claiming success with the SCD? That's right. I am still in shock myself. You see, these unfortunate events had nothing to do with Crohn's disease and everything to do with past abdominal surgeries - the primary culprit being last year's Cesarean.

It all started last fall when I was on my phone at work one minute and on my office floor the next. I was rushed to the ER and when the doctors learned of my past history with CD they assumed that this was another lapse. However, after extensive tests it was determined that I showed no signs of CD whatsoever (the silver lining in case you missed it).

After 5 LONG days in the hospital I underwent exploratory surgery (4 hours) during which time they identified a "very serious and strategically placed adhesion" which impacted several feet of my small intestines. I was also informed that I was now the owner of a temporary ileostomy.

After 2 weeks in the hospital with an NG tube and three months sporting a PICC line and an ileostomy and then a second "reversal" operation in February, I am now slowly making my way back to "normal."

Let me tell you all that these operations, PICC lines, and ileostomies are no joke but sadly they are all too common occurrences for folks with Crohn's. If you follow the SCD and it is working for you. Don't stop. If you are thinking of trying the diet but are on the fence sign up NOW!

There are so many beautiful and creative SCD sites cropping up these days, not to mention the great email groups. You will have more support than you can imagine.

The bright side of the last few months:
  • Doctors couldn't believe that the CD was undetectable
  • Doctors who were once skeptical now encourage me to stay on the diet
  • The C Section may be to blame but I have happy healthy babies to show for it!
  • I have a new found faith in the SCD
  • I don't have to worry about fitting into my bathing suit this summer


Kat said...

oh my goodness you've been through a lot! I was hoping the lack of updates meant all was well. I hope you are feeling better and enjoying time with the twins :)

Glad to hear that at least there is no signs of CD from following the SCDiet. It's always encouraging to hear success stories. I hope that was the end of any problems like this for you!


Best of luck to you and here's to a full recovery. The twins are beautiful!

Jen said...

I was so surprised to see a post from you pop up in my reader! I'm glad to hear that you are recovering and ECSTATIC to hear that the SCD is a true success. I hope many people read this!!

Mrs. Ed said...

That's quite an adventure you've had. I'm glad there is some silver linings to this. Your babies are adorable!

Shannon said...

I've been checking your blog every few weeks to see if you'd posted anything. It's been a long time! So glad to hear your story. Mine is similar. I had adhesions from a small bowel resection and had laparoscopic surgery in 2007, but there was no Crohn's seen at that time either. I agree that SCD works. I tell everyone I can about it. Glad you're on the mend. Congrats on your beautiful twins!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about your ileostomy, but praise God on your success with the SCD! I, too, have been on the SCD--for three years. My Crohn's is practically a memory. I am still on medication, but I plan to start weaning off it in the near future.

My blog is devoted to the diet and my dietary journey, too. Feel free to check it out!

Kathy E. said...

I had a c-section one year after my abdominal surgery for Crohn's, but never had the problem you described. I'm glad to hear you're on the mend. I enjoy your recipes and postings, and have recommended them to other SCDers I know. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay - this may be a second comment from me - tried to post and not sure if it went - so here goes again.

Firstly, hope your recovery is going well. Just came across your blog while surfing as I am considering starting the SCD in September - your words for anyone considering the diet gave me goosebumps - thanks for the encouragement - I am going to go for it.


KIRSTEN said...

I love your site. I am always sending people here! You are an inspiration!!

Jane Doo said...

Hi! I did a short piece about preparing for the SCD diet and highlighted your blog- check it out here:

Happy healing!
"lil' crohnsie"

Mrs. Ed said...

I've put up a SCD for the Holidays page for everyone to put links to holiday recipes. I hope this will help everyone find plenty of SCD recipes, especially those who are new to the diet. If you want to add any links of your great recipes: http://mrsedsresearchandrecipes.blogspot.com/2010/11/scd-for-holidays.html

Anonymous said...


I have just seen your site for the first time - it is beautiful. I'm so pleased for you re the Chrons but so bummed for you that you had to go through the ops and the ileostomy - that well and truly sucks.

Thanks so much for all the effort you have put into this site. I wish you all the best.


Jessica said...

Hi Jill,
Our stories are so similiar I want to thank you for sharing yours. I recently started a site www.scdgroceries.com while in my hospital bed last spring. It features commercially available scd "legal" products that I've verified with the manufacturers. hopefully when you get a chance you can check it out. I don't have much to contribute in terms of recipes as I am a horrible cook, but some of these items have made staying on SCD bearable as a working mom and a horrid cook!