Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Compliments from my GI

This week I had a routine appointment with my Gastroenterologist. During the appointment she invited one of her residents to sit in with us. They sat down across from me and tentatively asked me how I was feeling.
I think they brace themselves for the answers from their Crohn's patients. Really, who can blame them? In any case I answered "Great! Fantastic." They look noticeably relieved and then a little stunned and then curious. I explain that I am still following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and that I feel better than ever. I go on to say that I also practice acupuncture, take fish oil, probiotics and vitamins. That's it.

My doctor looks at her resident and then back at me and says, "You are a poster child for success through alternative therapy."

I look at my doctor and then to the resident and hope that maybe the medical world is starting to catch on.

Breakfast- SCD Biscotti and tea
Lunch- SCD yogurt with bananas and honey
Dinner- Chicken stir fry with Shitake mushrooms, peppers, onions, and zucchini
Dessert- The last of the SCD banana ice cream

Other toolbox goodies employed this week:
- Daily multivitamins, vitamin D, fish oil, and probiotics
- 1 hour of acupuncture
- Deep breathing exercises

Meals from last week included:
- SCD lasagna
- Filet mignon with asparagus and roasted tomatoes
- Burger with a garden salad
- Tilapia baked with tomatoes and spinach with a side of sauteed mushrooms

Luck Find- Raman Prasda's new SCD Cookbook called Recipies for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. It is full of mouth watering recipes and hysterically funny personal stories

PICTURE- A WONDERFUL SCD Pizza that my husband made me for my birthday


Wendy said...

You are so very lucky with your gastroenterologist. We've not had support from our doctor, nor any we've "interviewed." The fact that my husband has been symptom free and medication free for over a year is only alarming to them. One we spoke with told us we needed to immediately arrange for a full spectrum of testing - colonoscopy, upper/lower G.I., scope, CAT scan, etc. and seriously think about beginning Remicade, or Pentasa at the very least. Each and every one has told us, "It doesn't matter what you eat." Staring evidence in the face and denying it is what it boils down to!

I recently contacted another SCD blogger who is located a few hours from here. We've made an appointment with her doctor as a couple hour drive is worth it at this point. (We're actually dealing with a non-Crohn's related issue requiring a gastroenterologist.)

Anyway, love your blog and all the ideas I get from it.

Kat said...

Just wondering why you take probiotics on top of having SCD yogurt? Do you think it is necessary to do that?


Beau said...

Hi, Jill,

I like your blog and as an SCD follower myself it's great to see the tasty dishes you whip up.

What brand, and how much fish oil are you taking? Have you noted an improvement? I'm looking into adding it myself but always have some trepidation when adding new items.

Thanks. Take good care!


beth said...

Great report, Jill! A testament to not only the SCD, but also your hard work and dedication! Thanks to success stories like yours, I believe that the SCD will eventually get the real respect it deserves... and from the medical community.
And isn't Raman's cookbook remarkable?

The Adventure Begins.... said...

Hi- I usually take the probiotics if I am not getting enough yogurt e.g., traveling, etc. In terms of fish oil I switch brands often depending on what is on sale but right now I have Specrum fish oil. I love Raman's new cookbook.

Nutty Meatfruit said...

Did you just try to slip your birthday past us? Happy Birthday :D and congratulations on an uneventful GI appointment - you're entitled to a great big sigh of contentment!