Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Yummy Yummy Yogurt

In case you have not noticed my very repetitive breakfasts, my favorite thing about the SCD is most certainly the yogurt. I love, love, love, to eat yogurt morning, noon, and night. Most of the time I make my "everyday" yogurt from organic whole milk. I enjoy it almost every morning with some type of fruit and honey. Usually I eat it at my desk at work along with some green tea. When I start to feel a bit guilty about all of the fat I will switch to organic 2% for a while but that comes out less solid and more tart. Most of the time I get over my guilt and go right back to whole milk. But when I am really mischievous and feeling very entitled, I make up a big batch of yogurt made from organic Half & Half or even (gasp) heavy cream, blend it with some fruit, honey, and vanilla, and churn it in my ice cream maker. Voila! Heaven on earth.

If you cannot tolerate yogurt made from cow's milk you can make goat milk yogurt or even nut yogurt from almond milk. There are lots of recipes out there on the SCD links. Pick your favorite recipe and enjoy.

Yesterday's Cuisine-

Breakfast- Organic SCD yogurt with bananas and honey

Lunch- Cranberry pork roast with butternut squash

Dinner- Havarti Cheese burgers with steamed broccoli and butternut squash

PICTURE- Strawberry SCD ice Cream

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