Saturday, November 10, 2007

R & R Weekend

As I am off on another business trip next week and have been working like a maniac for the past several, I decided this weekend is all about guilt free rest and relaxation. To that end we decided not to cook last night and instead cruised on down to one of our favorite haunts for a steak and shrimp dinner. The vegetable of the day was butternut squash (YEAH) but it was off limits (BOO) as they added sugar. Why, I ask you, must anyone add sugar to something as wonderfully delicious as butternut squash? I know, I know, we were guilty of such transgressions too pre-SCD but now I truly shake my head in wonder.

I spent this morning hanging out with my 21 month old niece while her mother (my sister) was at work teaching horseback riding lessons. My niece and I had fun dancing around the living room (they don't call her "happy feet" for nothing), baking SCD blueberry muffins (which were a big hit with everyone), and playing "lion and mouse" (a successful spin off of our original imaginary animal game "cats and dogs").

After her departure my husband and I headed to the gym for some much needed physical fitness. Though my husband's routine would probably impress Lance Armstrong, I implemented a more tolerable program and then enjoyed some time in the steam room.

Once at home we decided to cook up a bistro type meal of roasted chicken with rosemary, lavender, and thyme along with buttered carrots and steamed green beans. Then maybe off to the movies. But definitely sleeping in tomorrow!

Brunch- Spinach and Havarti cheese omelet complements of my fab husband
Dinner- Roasted chicken with buttered carrots and steamed green beans


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