Sunday, November 11, 2007

R & R Weekend Gone Wild

Well so much for my R & R weekend. I woke up this morning with my type A overachiever side in full force and BOOM, BANG, BAM she declared R & R weekend over just like that. I have been living with this hyper anal persona since I can remember. Yes she is annoying as anything some times but man is she productive.

After fluttering around my house completing chore after chore I was wisked away to yoga and a few downward dog and warrior posses later, I hit the grocery store like a tornado. Upon my arrival home I went into full throttle cooking mode and spent the rest of the afternoon in the kitchen whipping up the following tasty dishes:

  1. SCD Parmesan Stuffed Mushrooms from Grainfree Gourmet

  2. SCD Chili (actually a recipe from a non-SCD cookbook that I tweaked to make SCD compliant. This is for my husband to feast on all week while I am away.)

  3. Beth's Taco Salad(YUMMMM)

  4. Basil, Tomato, and Mozzarella (This was for my non-SCD husband. Mozzarella is NOT legal on the SCD. Sometimes I make this dish and substitute the Mozzarella with Havarti)

  5. Buffalo Wings (also for my husband but easy to make SCD compliant for those of you who can handle them. I am not there yet)

  6. Sage and Carrot Beef Stew (also from the Grainfree Gourmet. I am going to take this one on my trip with me along with my SCD yogurt and some other snacks)

So as you can see, not so much R & R but plenty of fun in the kitchen and loads of good leftovers. My type A side has finally settled down and "permitted" my husband to tackle clean up duty. Hey, she's a go getter for sure but she's not a fool.

Breakfast- SCD Blueberry muffin (OK, two) with butter and Welsh's grape juice along with a pear.

Lunch- Ummm, now that I think of it, didn't get around to that

Dinner- SCD Parmesan stuffed mushroom caps and Beth's Taco Salad

PICTURE- Stuffed Mushroom Caps

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Beth said...

I totally relate to your whirlwind tendencies... but I am finally taking slowing down seriously. I too have struggled to truly do R and R. My husband is the expert. I don't know how you manage to keep all your balls in the air.
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