Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Green Tea, SCD, & Me

Just back from skiing and will post on that later but in the meantime I thought I would include a short blurb on green tea so here it goes....

I love green tea.

In my past life I drank coffee and black tea.

I no longer tolerate these lovely beverages.

A girl needs a little caffeine in her life.

In my case it really is only a little that is needed.

1-2 cups of green tea is permitted on the SCD (if symptom free).

Thankfully I am symptom free and enjoy my green tea daily.

EGCG, a component of green tea, may help inhibit TNF alpha.

Remicade also inhibits TNF alpha.

I will stick with Green Tea for now but am thankful that Remicade exists in the event I ever need it.

Go green Tea.


Breakfast- SCD yogurt with Banana and honey

Lunch- Roast chicken with veggies and pureed butternut squash

Dinner- Hearty meat sauce with SCD crackers - though I usually like this with Raman's Foccacia!

Picture- Green Tea


Anonymous said...

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Nutty Meatfruit said...

OMG, those cookies with the pecans at top left - can you share your recipe? YUM!

dawn said...

Go SCD! I agree!

I'm a regular reader of your fabulous blog. I just added an SCD section to my family blog.

You've got a great attitude, I'm glad you're doing so well.

Hey, I used to live in Halifax, but now we're in Hartford. I think you are in Plymouth? Your little hospital once saved my life!

The Adventure Begins.... said...

Nutty Meatfruit- These are the Cinnamon cookies in Lucy's cookbook. They are my favorite and I am making them this morning to take with me to California on Monday.

Dawn- I would love to see your blog! Let me know the next time you are in Massachusetts.

Green Tea said...

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