Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Did Someone Bring a Microwave?

The best laid plans of mice and men (and SCD skiers) often go awry.....

So I made all of my delicious lunches for the ski trip and my plan was to heat them up on the mountain. Wellthat only works if (you guessed it) the ski lodge has a microwave and since, as it turns out, they did not... I ended up eating SCD cheddar crackers and cheese along with veggie crudit and dill dressing for lunch. Actually it wasn't so bad with a nice cup of hot tea. I also found some spotted bananas that non-SCDers wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole. I, of course, trampled several people to get to them.

Other than the lunch time fiasco the rest of the trip went very smoothly. The first morning we had yogurt and SCD granola and then on Sunday my husband made us delicious SCD blueberry pancakes with honey/butter syrup and bacon. For dinner we had an Italian pot roast with asparagus on one night and dinner on the mountain the other. I used my Can Eat/Can't Eat card and had no problem with my order of steak and grilled shrimp.

I've got the SCD down now if only I could nail those moguls.

Breakfast- SCD blueberry muffin & tea
Lunch- Leftover Mexican Meatballs
Dinner- Tuna fish with crackers

PICTURE- Pizza Casserole from Lucy's Kitchen


Mom of 3 Guys said...

Oh, man! Who woulda thunk? But, a resourceful SC-Dieter, you easily improvised. Well done! :^)

The Adventure Begins.... said...

Many thanks. Once again the people around me were semi freaking out. Oh my word! What are you going to do? These freakouts were, of course, out of love and concern but I said "Listen people. I didn't eat for almost 30 days in the hospital. I promise that I am not going to starve this time!"

Nutty Meatfruit said...

HAHA Right ... we do eventually get to a point where we can figure something out - like finding a fruit bowl - and the rest of the time we can pack/plan for just such a *surprise*

Anonymous said...

Around the slopes in CO you need to find the brown bag lunch areas. Sometimes they are only on the mountain itself. The brown bag areas usually have the microwaves. Hope that helps for next time.