Sunday, November 18, 2007

There's No Place Like Home (except maybe with an SCD friend)

Ahhh Sunday. I thought you would never come. I arrived back from Chicago late on Friday night and experienced a mixture of emotions. Believe me by my second flight (and after logging over four hours of airport delays) I was clicking my smart black pumps and chanting "there's no place like home."

But unlike most business trips where I practically jump off the plane and kiss the ground upon arriving home, this time I was also a bit melancholy. You see, in between meetings, flights, and conferences I was lucky enough to be able to meet my pal Amy, a fellow SCDer, and her beautiful family. After several months of reading each other's blogs and corresponding via email it was surreal to actually be standing in their living room (cool artwork Stephen!). They were even so kind as to cook up a wonderful SCD meal of Mexican Meatballs and Apple Galette dessert from the Grainfree Gourmet. Of course being the daughter of Beth, one of my all time SCD culinary heroes, Amy is naturally a great cook as well! So thank you Amy, Sophia and Stephen! I hope we can get together again really soon!

This weekend entailed a lot of unpacking, laundry, chores, and all of that fun stuff. But I also squeezed in a trip to see a showing of A Midsummer Night's Dream, put on by my husband's High School Drama Club as well as a movie. In addition, I am proud to say that I even made it to the gym on Saturday for a round of Pilates and on Sunday for a dose of yoga.

But after all of the chores, entertainment, and exercise it was lots of time in the kitchen listening to Christmas Carols (yes, I realize that it isn't even Thanksgiving yet) while cooking up some of my SCD favorites like the Pizza Casserole from Lucy's Cookbook, the Apple Galette (Amy's was so good that I had to make one of my own), and homemade marinara sauce for a recipe that I am going to try and make later on in the week. After a week of literally eating out of my suitcase and navigating the challenging terrain of restaurant fare, it is good to be hanging out in my own kitchen.

Breakfast- Red Delicious Apple (I ran out of yogurt but I have two batches going now- one made from Whole Milk and the other from Half and Half)
Lunch- Roasted chicken with green beans
Dinner- Pizza Casserole and the New England Patriots (if I can stay awake)

PICTURE- Tonight's Pizza Casserole

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Amy McKenna said...

We had a wonderful time with you here in Ann Arbor. I hope we see each other again soon too. Looking forward to potential summer plans with you and your hubby at beautiful Lake Michigan!